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Business As Usual - Coronvirus Support

Keeping us all safe

Our business has remained open since the commencement of the government COVID-19 restrictions, as we print for organisations involved with essential goods and services, as well as the NHS. Please see below how we are also helping organisations that are still operating, as well as providing solutions for the gradual return to business in the wider economy.

In order to ensure the safety of all concerned, safe distancing and minimum contact measures have been implemented throughout the entire business. Where possible, home-working has also been utilised.

With regard to deliveries, our courier services have implemented measures to help recipients who are self-isolating or want to minimize physical contact. Parcels can be placed at the delivery point and the driver will step away to a safe distance when the recipient answers to receive goods and they will not be required to sign for parcels.

- There are zero confirmed cases of novel COVID-19 within our business (correct as of today's date).

Prioritising work for essential services

We will maintain the supply of essential print for frontline medical, vital supply chain and local authority requirements, along with other key associated businesses.

Non-essential work

Currently our production capacity means that we are still able to adhere to our standard delivery times, even whilst prioritising orders for customers involved in essential services.

Coronavirus Support - Preparation for the gradual removal of lockdown restrictions

We are using our expertise to support the needs of businesses and organisations that are still open now, or are preparing to open in the near future. To assist our customers we have introduced a number of special Coronavirus Support products. Follow this link for more details https://guardianpress.co.uk/products/coronavirus-support-1/

  • Coronavirus Support Products.
  • Business Print, including Business Cards, Letterheads, Compliments Slips, Printed Brochures, Printed Leaflets, Printed Flyers; plus all kinds of different internal printed documents that are needed in all areas of business and organisations.
  • Printed display materials, including Printed Banners, Roller Banners, Printed Sign and Display products, A Boards and Roadside Signage, Printed Flags, Exhibition Displays and so much more.
  • Printed Labels & Packaging Materials.